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Being an indie game developer isn't easy. Long hours. Hard, meticulous work. Expert multi-tasking skills required. Challenge after challenge. It never seems to stop. Designing a game that is fun to play, ensuring the components are all there, and testing throughout to make sure the darn thing works. In other words, building a parachute when you’re hurtling toward the ground after you’ve jumped out of a plane. The Free to Play model hasn't made things any easier either.  All in the hopes that other people will love the game as much as you do.

At Itavio, we know how hard it is to make a game. We used to make them too. So many things could go wrong. You almost have to be crazy to try. But we know indie makers love doing it. It’s who they are. There is reward and satisfaction on the other side. You've created a little gem of fun, happiness and creative wonder that now you get to share to everyone else. There is no better feeling than that.

At Itavio, we're here to make those tough moments easier. We want to make sure that feeling of euphoria is guaranteed for game makers and their players. We sat down with Thiéry Adam, CEO of Montreal indie game company Trailblazer Games, to talk about how the free to play mobile gaming landscape is changing and why Itavio is important to keeping their games fun for their players.


Why did you decide to use Itavio? 

I met with Melani during a Game Connection event. The data they (Itavio) had showed that it could positively impact retention and spending for our target audience (adult women).

Free to Play Mobile GameWhat problems did you see in your games that Itavio helped solve?

In free-to-play you have to overcome the resistance of making a purchase. Players may underspend even their own established budget if they are never sure of what they have spent already.  By having a system that takes care of their budget, they can spend more freely in the moment without overthinking it, and the game can also make sure that its offers pricing that matches their available budget dynamically.

Why is Itavio important to the gaming space?

From the content creators' perspective, discoverability is a big challenge, then there's trust. Being part of a larger community platform helps on both fronts.  Inversely, this is also a problem being solved for the consumer: too many apps means less trust, so a platform like Itavio acts like a reference as well as a control.

What are your thoughts on how the mobile gaming space is changing? 
Mobile continues into maturity in the developed world, with fewer titles dominating the top attention. The middle market is less visible, but still viable, but heads towards sub-niches and specialization. Not every game should be about building a community, so community solutions are a great way for these products to find viability.
Free to Play Mobile GameWhat issues do you have with the monetization platforms of games? 

Free-to-play is essentially the lowest barrier to entry in a market flooded with content.  The model also evolved to mostly cater to minimal time investment to learn and to have a meaningful session. The industry has had to figure out from there how to get players to voluntarily spend more time and spend money, teaching us to offer more and more for their dollar. This has made the whole industry much more accessible, expanding to new audiences, and all audiences are maturing quickly in their tastes.  The bad premium rip-offs are a thing of the past.

Would you recommend Itavio to friends?

I recommend other developers pay attention and consider it, and for us once we have more measured results it will be easier for us to promote it in our circle. We, particularly as a studio and an industry, are known as a data-driven culture.

What are your favourite mobile games at the moment?
I'm a big fan of what are called "Idle Clickers", where you are constantly re-investing to grow exponentially. I play all kinds of variations, like business-themed Adventure Capitalist to adventure-themed like Tap Titans.
We've got great things coming up soon! In the meantime, check out our previous interview with an indie game developer straight from Brazil. 
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To learn more about Thiery and his games check him out here.
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