Where did the summer go? I don’t know, but honestly as we collectively suffer through another humid heatwave of death, I’m definitely excited to the let the freshness of fall swallow me up. But, on a more positive note, the end of summer is marked by one big day - the beginning of the school year! Pack up the lunch boxes, get your stationary ready - it’s time to ship them off back to school and into the embrace of education!

We've compiled a list of apps to help get you back into the school grind.

Here Comes The Bus

This easy-to-use app tracks where the school bus is and lets you plan accordingly. Updates and alerts can give you a five minute heads up. On top of that it'll send you any route changes plus when the bus arrives at school.

For: iPhone and Android. 

LaLa Lunchbox

This meal-planning app puts some fun into what can usually be a tedious task - lunch prep. Kids select their favourite foods using monsters, colours and sounds and their picks translate to a grocery list for the parents. You can save their faves and have options from fruits and veggies to proteins and snacks.

For: iPhone


Yeah, yeah I know it's another list app. I'm beginning to think there are enough list apps right now to never have lists again. What are lists now? Are we the list? Who is list? Are humans just an endless list?

Okay, let's get out of this existential spiral and talk about this app. Not going to lie, it's pretty awesome. The stylish design caught my eyes and I downloaded it and honestly, I might leave behind my dusty Notes app. It lets you create as many lists as you need, prioritise your times, add notes and set reminders. May your life now we forever in order!

For: iPhone and Android.

Cozi Family Organizer 

Throw your iCal out of the window and get yourself Cozi. It has a built-in calendar and to-do list, plus shopping and journal functions (for all your feelings and frustrations) to help you easily organise your family's daily assignments, practices and events. Colour code the hell out of it and insert appointments, share it and spread the love. It also includes a chore function that allows each family member to check off tasks they've accomplished. Productivity! Efficiency! 

For: iPhone and Android.


Okay if I had had this app during college, I may have single handedly saved an acreage of forest from all the note cards I was using. Flashcards are a great way to cram all the material as you over-stress for an exam so it's perfect to have them handy on your phone. No more flashcards getting wet or just flying away into the wind. You can download information straight from a Google Doc or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make study prep simple and quick. Features include multiple-choice flashcards, YouTube video clip embedding and a matching game.

For: iPhone.

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