Mother's day is around the corner and you probably know a mama who just needs a break and to be pampered. 

We've compiled a surefire list that can help Mother's with their everyday life. Honestly where would we be without all our apps? Probably lost in the wilderness wondering why we didn't learn how to read a compass while trying to find true north.



Travelling with kids is stressful and hard. But it doesn't have to be with! They organise family-friendly vacations, with itineraries, family-trusted experiences and honestly, it sounds so easy that I want to sign up for it and I don't even have kids. 

2. Playground Buddy

People seem to think playgrounds can be found everywhere but when was the last time you saw one? Exactly. Here's an app that will guide you directly to the promise land of colourful plastic slides and swings.

3. KidsEatFree

Don't want to make Dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? Any other food for the rest of your life? Download this app and see where you can find discount meals for kids. (Don't we all still wish we were children and can get the discount chicken nuggets and just sit there munching happily?)


In my family home, the fridge is covered in bad drawings of unicorn, lists of why I acted badly and apologising to my mother and endless drawings and scribbles. I'm pretty sure there is no longer a fridge there and it's just a pile of family memorabilia. Keepy replaces the fridge or the cork board or wherever you keep your family keepsakes and puts it all in one central place. Apart from this being an awesome app, it'll be easy to embarrass your kids in the future - just whip it out and remind them of that apology list they made when they were 8.


You still have time to go and buy flowers and remind the women in your life how awesome they are. Motherly is a great blog for any last minute inspirations. It's like an Anthropologie store but online and specifically about motherhood - you honestly cannot get better than that.

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